Why the rate of single men in the US looking for dates has declined


CNN’s Michael Smerconish highlights some troubling statistics about young men in the United States and argues that they are in crisis.

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  1. There is nothing social about these "social media" companies. These anti-social media companies have turned millennials and z'ers into anti-social, lonely people. Social means getting together in person.

  2. Some researchers have as much as 80% of all women receiving some form romantic connection. However only 10-20% of all men receive any kind of connection at all. The rest receive nothing at all. This really skewers the perception for people who are actively in the dating scene. From their perspective, everyone finds someone eventually "You just gotta keep at it. Someone will come along"

  3. As a men, dont marry, u are going to ruin ur self. Stay single, build brotherhood, get rich,hit the gym and enjoy Ur life like a king. Women these days r burdens and only for fk use and dump to the streets ☕☕☕

  4. I guess this article is for certain groups of men, because it is BS. The guys I went to school with are either in relationships, new, old, or are married with children/white picket fence/dog. I am Polyamorous and I have two very caring women in my Life that are older than me and are professionals.

    What do we all have in common? We did not lie to our ladies of choice. We let our ladies know exactly what we were looking for and we held up our bargain to continue transform our lives to become better as we age.

    I do pray that every single human being finds their tribe, but you just have to be “you”. You person or “persons” could be in a completely different city, state, or country waiting to meet you. Just just out and take a chance. The worst thing they can say is “no”. Easier said than done, but just trust me.


  5. Let’s make situations where men and women can network with others and lead fulfilling, happy lives. Relationships are optional for survival now, that’s not a bad thing. I think we should find ourselves spaces where we can develop socially and professionally. Men- making friends and developing emotional health is not optional. Nobody is going to be financially tied to you unless you mutually decide for that to be the case. It’s not a war between genders, but a social reforming. If we don’t take care of our minds we generally remain exploitable and unhealthy. That’s being human.

    Social media and YouTube should not be our primary mental shaping tools like they are. I met my husband in 9th grade, I adore him because of the rich friendship we have developed. We’re individuals and nothing is off of the table lifestyle-wise except that we need to respect and love each other. But I did not meet him on Tinder. We don’t have social media. We prioritize friends and meeting general life goals. We compromise and take ownership of ourselves. We’ve hurt each other and made mistakes, but we are committed to growing.

    My two cents: Don’t blame others, even if they’re at fault. They sure as heck aren’t going to fix it for you if they did cause you mental anguish. They obviously don’t care. Only you will fix your life. Peacefully distance and make yourself go to social events until you find your tribe.
    Go to therapy, tackle the hard stuff and properly heal.
    Workout and have life goals that you don’t compromise for anyone.
    Don’t bash 50% of the world because you’re unhappy- it won’t solve your heartache.

  6. I got shot down plenty of times before my wife and I got together. I have no ill will towards those women who said “your a nice guy but…” to me. Perhaps there was something they saw in me that didn’t appeal or something they needed that I didn’t have. Im not sure. I am sure though that I love the hell out of my low drama, level headed, and down to earth wife.
    Don’t give up guys, and at the same time don’t listen to the incels. Good gals who are not selfish and have realistic standards are out there. Develop yourself as a person. Maybe pick up that instrument you’ve always thought would be cool to learn to play, or learn another language, or take that once in a lifetime vacation. Do things that add value to your life as an end in and of itself and someday if and when you meet a lady that is a good match for you then the both of you will be all the better off for it.

  7. Single men are wised up, hard enough supporting oneself, parents don't want more burden from grown children. Differences 'tween complete and finish; one's life is complete marrying the right mate, finished for the wrong one, but if one cheats, life is completely finished.

  8. I am SO glad I learned to be alone when I was young.

    Now that I’m in my early 30s, attractive, and stable, I don’t want to share my space with anyone.

    Men, there is nothing in this world more satisfying than turning down a woman who only sees you as a lifestyle upgrade.

    Learn to be ok being alone and love your own company. Love yourself, know how awesome you are.

    Be loved genuinely men, not opportunistically. And if that means not dating for a while, that’s what it means, don’t trade your integrity to cure loneliness .

  9. Let me say I’m not single but all my buddies are ! They have a bunch of crazy expectations and act like a bunch of crazy ass control freaks. I’m lucky that I’ve got the girl I got.

  10. Blame the rise of feminism and social media/of. Most women have a disproportionate perception of their real value to a man. I can’t relate with a lot of these stats as a married 34 year old man, but I surely don’t have a lot of close friends. I think that is the case for most men nowadays but I have had regular sex since I became mature. I’m also 6’ 3” with an athletic build so I would say I have an advantage over average or below average men. I do wonder what life would be like if I didn’t have good genetics and I know that hurts alot of men now a days. It’s a sad twisted reality but deep rooted primal competition is alive and well. We gave women the ability to make their own money and the ability to choose who they want so what did we expect to happen? Now we have men that have digital sex and many pay to play…what do we expect disadvantaged men to do I mean really? You have to knock women back down to enable average men to have a chance and we know that won’t happen nor do we want that to happen. There is no solution. Look at China and other Asian countries. They are way ahead of our trend and have been for years. They have millions of lonely men that can’t get a woman. You have to change the roots of our culture to fix it.

  11. Please talk about what marginal taxes are when mentioning taxes of the 1950s. If people can't afford a home they should be in government housing until the real estate bubble bursts. The USA make history again by leading the fight to end landlordism worldwide. Why should my taxes go to private landlords and banks charging bubble rates via section 8? Most importantly, we need to bury the irresponsible outdated, ideology of Milton Freidman in the past.

  12. Let's keep it 100 though. Women in America outnumber men. So if men are single more, that means more women are single. These tropes from these pitiful men is just more gynocentric nonsense. We don't have fewer viable men. We have fewer women who know how to partner. The average man makes 45k-50k but Goldman Sachs just invested 10 billion into black women entrepreneurship.

  13. Funny I lived & worked in other countries Brazil & Venezuela the women are far superior then USA women in those nations Why? Because they retain normal femininity that USA women hate It's all gonna end in disaster You cannot buy your way out of it USA Dunces who pose as intellectuals have imposed their idiocy But it cannot last Human nature explodes when its tampered with Just look at history Why are there thousands of websites promoting foreign women to USA men as wives but NONE promoting USA women as wives to foreign men? lol Think about that one

  14. Fear of media .😂😂 you are telling that to CNN . They are that media . It’s news Channels like CNN that is half responsible for this trend pushing anti men agenda on all men

  15. And i was wondering why a lot of videos showing westerners marrying Pakistanis are popping up on instagram feed here in Pakstan. I think more and more ppl from west are looking beyond borders in search of partners due to very unrealistic standards in the west.

  16. Taking my ass over-seas some where, where the women might still be traditional and still have touch of their culture. Majority of our women are trauma ridden with no hopes of healing so they’ve dumped it all onto the internet in so many manners to reframe how men “should” be thinking and it’s definitely obvious. Also, I bet they’ll announce next gay people are at an all time high, power to the lgbtq community have at your own happy lives but it’s getting to the point where the community along with extreme feminists are crippling masculinity in America with their backward ideals.

  17. ME TOO movement changed everything. Outsourcing jobs doesn't help neither. Shitting on men in divorce/child support court while screaming equality also turns men off.


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