The Truth About NYC Dating Apps


Watch the truth about nyc dating apps in this video where I share my experience using bumble, hinge, and other dating apps in real life. Dating in new york city is wild and there’s things to do in nyc in 2021 so dating apps in new york city are pretty fun. You will also hear the tinder in real life nyc edition and the truth about gen z dating in this video. Dating in the 20s in tough and first dates in new york city can be traggic. Here are some first date tips and a tinder date horror story.

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  1. When I worked in Monaca next to Pittsburgh at the new Shell Plant i was dating this chick who was from Buffalo, NY. My first experience with a woman from that part of the country. She’s an accountant I’m a bluecollar dude.

    We met at this running trail that I would go to after work for my runs. After a couple times of seeing her I asked her on a date and hit it off then slowly over time we kind of became running partners as well (more like she would join me randomly).

    She was a little reserved at first and I wasn’t used to that bc back in Texas or the south in general when you talk to a woman or anyone in gneneral they’re a little more friendly. When we were on the first date she said she could tell I wasn’t from around the area based on how I interacted with people (I’m from Texas).

    Overall great girl, fun to be around, really friendly once I got to know her, and she was a little blunt. One thing i found kinda funny was she got almost weirded out when I had stopped to help this one dude get a gas can for his car bc he had ran out. We were on our way to a restaurant. She told me not to stop bc it could be “dangerous” and I told her that’s not how we operate down south (plus I’m always carrying).

    We broke it off peacefully bc I told her my job will always have me travelling all over the US until I find like a management position or something (not enough experience im 28) and can stay in one spot plus I would never leave Texas as my home base so that was a deal breaker. That job I was on in Monaca was a new construction job which I was there for almost two years and I’ve been on the road since doing what I was doing before that which was chasing turnarounds that last 1week,3 weeks, , a month, sometimes even 3-6 months

    I told her if she was cool with me being gone all the time and also moving to Texas then we could take it a lot further but I just can’t quit my job and go do something else bc I would be taking a major financial hit and wouldn’t be able to start a family.

    We still keep in touch

  2. Why are you complaining? Its obviously the guys you’re going for. Plenty of gentlemen on there but you dont like them nice guys. And many girls go on dates just for free food, which is why us guys only do small coffee dates nowadays instead of dinner dates.

    You sound entitled af. Complaining about your online dating experience but yet continues to use the apps (going on dates 5x a week). Choose better guys or just stop complaining.

  3. Can I just saying that men not wanting to pay for the first dates and you specifically looking for men to pay for bottles/concert tickets goes hand in hand.
    We're well aware that many women on dating apps look at us like walking wallets and the rest as too broke to be considered such.

  4. If you still single, we can give it a try and get together if you still in NYC. I’m 23 male and been unlucky with dating apps as well in this city. And you sound like a fun person to be around. Let me know if you interested Joy. If not that’s fine too.

  5. Hello my name is James and why is it so hard to find a Chinese girl friend in New York. I am from Los Angeles and never had a problem finding a nice Chinese women, but I got transferred to New York and it is hell when it comes to getting a Chinese girl friend.and dating apps sucks so what should I do?

  6. I’m sorry you had such an awful experience w/ dating apps, especially in NY. This was quite the opposite experience for me when I lived in NY. All of the men I met were true gentleman, sweet, affectionate and wanted a serious relationship. Hinge was usually my go to and the best app in my opinion. Not sure if you are just meeting the wrong guys or honestly (not to sound rude) maybe it just could be you? Anyways, wishing you the best in finding love in the city. There’s nothing more amazing than being in the best city of the world with the one you love 😊

  7. Dating apps like Tinder have turned me into a male slut. In my innocent beginning I just wanted a family to provide for, to meet a like minded girl for a life mate. That was 3 years ago. Now I just binge watch sci-fi shows all week and only go out when I get horny. That's all Tinder is / A hookup site.

  8. I loved watching this video. I’ve been living in New York City for over 5 years and only started thinking of settling down last year. It’s so true where people are constantly looking for better when relationships are made not found. Super glad to stumble across this.

  9. yes dating in nyc is so hard, especially when a lot of people don't want a serious relationship. but great advice, live your best life and things should fall into place. and ive heard that once you stop looking for a relationship, that's when one comes about. 😁

  10. Loved watching this so much! I've lived in NYC for 6 years and everything you said about dating apps is spot on. In my experience, most of the men I've met on them are entitled and quite strange. Glad I've deleted them 😂❤️


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