How to stop swiping and find your person on dating apps | Christina Wallace


Let’s face it, online dating can suck. So many potential people, so much time wasted — is it even worth it? Podcaster and entrepreneur Christina Wallace thinks so, if you do it right. In a funny, practical talk, Wallace shares how she used her MBA skill set to invent a “zero date” approach and get off swipe-based apps — and how you can, too.

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  1. I already have the answer for you, just delete those stupid dating apps!
    it really doesn't matter if you have a good or decent profile, the algorithm is not nice to you no matter what.
    just build a good social media profile and approach girls on the street

  2. I probably have it easier than most guys. I would consider myself attractive, I’m over 6 ft tall, very muscular, and even have a six pack. That being said, online dating is still an incredibly frustrating experience. If I really try, and I’m talking like a couple hours per day of swiping and messaging people, I can average maybe one date per week, but rarely do they ever go past that, and the amount of matches and ghosting and time invested I have to put in to even get that one date makes me want to not even bother. The amount of times women say they want a second date (even after the fact) and then just ghost you before it happens is staggering. I never do that to others so I expect the same in return but people have no manners anymore.

  3. Maybe i'm just living in an utopia. Trying to use dating apps to meet foreigner because i feel dont belong here in my place. But guess what? I get nothing 😅😅

  4. charging ppl money in order to communicate is a scam. ppl are better off communicating for free while buying their groceries or playing sports or drinking beer out in the real world like grown up brave men and women. sooner or later you'll find the right person that way. charge anyone money to give a compliment or tell a pick up line or just say hey i'm attracted to you would you like to have coffee with me sometime is total nonsense. plus it's more like paying to get an autograph from a celebrity like the person is so far above you you must pay to even talk to them. thats not how it should be. a relationship is built on even ground and/or a fair trade with both ppl getting a good deal but if ppl are paying for the privilege of even speaking it's too much like royalty speaking with beggars with the person paying in the beggar role which means the relationship is built on weakness and imbalance and not built on strength and balance.

  5. Relabel the "zero date" to a meetup with a stranger helps you to lower the expectations.
    We are all framed by Hollywood movies and Netflix series and see different things when it comes to the word date.

    For the efficiency junkies:
    You can even shrink the time from 60 minutes to 30 minutes during the day and have a coffee/tea or walk in the park.

  6. Well its easy to be shallow when you give someone the choices to be shallow. Are we really expecting anything greater from humanity these days?!!?!?! We are fucking animals and that's a huge low blow to Animals…. Plus the Dating App algorithms are all meant to make them money and probably own the limitless supply of Bot accounts running on the online dating sites to make attempts at scamming people or keeping them on the hook in the app just so the company's metrics look good… Notice how hard their customer services are to reach, its for a reason and its not to provide good customer services… People need to hang out more with their friend circles and not be so committed to embellishing your social media world to stroke your egos and vanity.

  7. But the “zero date” is still technically a date…you’ve got to spend energy getting ready, driving to meet them, and then potentially sitting through an hour of insufferable conversation. There’s no difference between getting a drink or going to dinner if you’ve immediately decided there’s no chemistry. Therefore, a true zero date would be through a video or phone call; though it can be different in person of course, you’re able to spot major red flags in this method & see if the attraction is there before meeting in person.

  8. Absolutely helpless xD My advice: Quit dating apps. Those will match you with people you don't really like, sl you neve find love thus, you never quit spending time and sometimes money on the app. Prizes are ridiculous and you always get a match with the worst person on the planet. You're better off joining a hobby oriented whatsapp or telegram group in your city. You'll meet much more people, often for free and you'll even make a ton of friends. In summary, quit dating apps, they feed of your lonelyness and mental health.

  9. I always had an incredible passion for living life to its fullest,  hopeful and romantic but I always strive to believe the good within everyone. I'm straightforward, honest about my needs and feelings too, been hurt couple of times but it's okay. I'm looking for an equally positive partner who loves to try new experiences and a great communicator. Contact me if you're interested ☺️

  10. I've been watching this kind of videos alot and I still csnt find online date ….. Maybe I just have bad luck either the ladies and I'm s very attractive hardworking man 😢 😭 I'm not kidding

  11. The stats coming from dating apps prove that its basicly not worth a second for most men. Men "swipe right" on a 50-50 ratio, women however: swipe way more than men, and only swipe right on less than 5% of the men. Many women have also admitted to only using dating apps to boost their ego, because its always a bunch of simps there to satisfy a womans shallow bs. Simps is the worlds most abundant resource at the moment. So then ask yourself, is it worth it? Dating apps is only for men who can trough a few pics come forth as "top king", for the rest of the dudes, good looking dudes, its just detrimental to their self worth. And the women? Jesus, dating apps (and other social media) surely give women the impression they have tons of suitors, and hence create a unrealistic self worth and a "pickiness" which we never seen in human history. But fact is: most of these women have not at all the same options in real life, and most men have plenty more than they have in the absurdity of online dating. A woman promoting that "dating apps doesnt have to suck", well thats funny. Ofcourse, even ugly women get attention on dating apps 😀

  12. All that blabbing and personal statistics and no solution just stop swiping and just finding the person? yet at her age she still doesn't have the ring smh the wall is still undefeated


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