Digital Dating: A documentary about love online


Digital Dating is a light-hearted documentary about the immense popularity of online dating. From โ€˜Tinderโ€™ to โ€˜Plenty of Fishโ€™, the film explores the massive appeal of these very lucrative sites and meets a handful of its users who each have their own very different stories to tell. With heartwarming success stories and cringe worthy disasters, Digital Dating covers the whole spectrum and invites us to take a look inside a subject that is often kept behind closed doors.

This film was made as a final year project by a group of media students at the University of Lincoln, going by the name Square Wheel Productions.


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  1. I know people really do find real love on line,but I'm fifty something and I'm glad I met my wife the way I did,in the flesh and it was definitely love at first sight!! I think technology has taken the romance out of it! I ain't gonna lie though,,,I'd have loved tinder as a young man!๐Ÿ™Š๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. a lot of psychological game players are on these sites. They want the thrill of someone showing interest in them so they can have the thrill of rejecting them. Not all are like this but this kind of personality seems prevalent .

  3. In Maryland on line dating sucks. Dudes are so unattractive and too Hood for my taste in this State and no diversity. Once I move to a city where there is more diversity I may try it again.

  4. It's hilarious how everyone used tinder because "a bit of a joke" or "my freinds were doing it" when in reality they did it because they were sad losers who couldn't get a date any other way!

  5. I'm in long distance relationship for over 5 years and we still didn't meet we have really good story we had soo much up and downs we really suffered a lot than any other couples I just seek if there's anyone whom have interest to make a documentary on our love story
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  6. I have tried online dating and the only two things I got out of it was constant rejection and a broken heart. The whole experience has left me feeling very angry, bitter and resentful. No one was interested in me and I will be 39 this year. It has destroyed my confidence.

  7. I cant remember how many times my friends have spent an hour telling me a story about their multiple attempts to get a guy they liked to ask them out, only to get rejected as the guy told them they had a GF already. At least, with online dating you know the person is looking for someone

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  9. I like someone I met online and who gives a fuck if I've never met him he's a nice guy only thing is I told my friend I liked him and she asked him out for herself so basically there dating and I have to watch

  10. What a dumb bloke. The quicker and happier a woman is to meet you does not mean she's insane! It means her interest level in you in very high. No wonder he's never felt a vagina.

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